Preorder Information

   Below is a list of preorders.  Please keep your order confirmation emails that include pictures of preordered items as well as the item's name.
If you have not received an item and no longer wish to receive it please reach out via email with order number and we will be happy to issue you a refund or store credit. 

If you have a question about a preorder please email us at



  • Pooh Bear Sets - Shipping 4/27
  • Farm Sets - Boy and Girls 4/27
  • Rainbow Tulle Dress - Issuing Refund
  • Bathing Suits: Blippi, Bluey, & Cocomelon are being reproduced with liners.  These will be complete by the start of June.  If you no longer wish to receive this item please send an email to the email address above and you will be issued a refund. we  apologize for the major delay. 

Production Complete - Some items are in transit with the remainder shipping to us by May 5th.  

  • Bluey Blanket 
  • Bluey Dress & Raglan
  • American Flag Jean Shorts
  • Dino Set (Boys)
  • Cocomelon Pants Set
  • Fire Truck Seer Sucker
  • Harry Potter Dress
  • Jesus Loves Me Set
  • Cow Set with Spotted Shorts
  • Watermelon Dress & Romper
  • Monster Truck Set
  • Shark Set
  • Spider Man Set
  • Baseball Set
  • Rainbow Set
  • Minnie is My Home Girl Set
  • Minnie Watermelon Set

In Production:

  • Lemon Top Set